Return of old iodine tablets

Businesses and institutions located within 50 kilometres of the former Mühleberg nuclear power plant or one of Switzerland’s active nuclear power plants may create up to four return labels to return more than ten packs of old iodine tablets free of charge.

This tool enables you to create return labels in A4, A6 or A7 format. The labels you create can be printed out and affixed to the packages concerned. Please only create the number of labels you require.

If you have large volumes of old iodine tablets to return, please send these in multiple packages with dimensions of no more than 100 x 60 x 60 cm per package and a maximum weight per package of 30 kg. 

Click on «Create label» and a new window will open where you can download the labels created or print these out directly. 

Misuse of this label generator will be prosecuted. 

A different label must be generated for each parcel.
Parcels must not exceed the following dimensions: 60x60x100 (LxWxH), 30kg