This section provides information about the distribution, storage and effect of iodine tablets and about what you should do if a serious incident involving a nuclear power plant occurs.

You can download a PDF document containing all the questions and answers.


The tablets are intended for use in the event of an incident at a nuclear power plant. As long as no incidents occur, the packs and any information contained in them must be kept in a dry place at room temperature and out of the reach of children. Should an event occur, the authorities will specifically request the population to ready the tablets and take them if necessary.

The iodine tablets must be kept in the closed original pack at room temperature (15 – 25°C). Please store the tablets out of the reach of children.

The expiry date is printed on the packaging containing the tablets (e.g. EXP: 12.2024). The tablets must be kept until the authorities request you to return them. This also applies to tablets that may have reached their expiry date. The quality of the high-dose iodine tablets is controlled on an ongoing basis by the Armed Forces Pharmacy.

No. All recipients may keep their pack if they move out of the municipality that issued it. This is recommended particularly if you are moving within the distribution area (a 50 km radius around the Swiss nuclear power plants). If you are moving outside the distribution area, the iodine tablets can also be returned to a pharmacy or drugstore, where they will be disposed of correctly.

Potassium iodide 65 SERB tablets can only be obtained from a pharmacy or drugstore within 50 km of a Swiss NPP and on presentation of a voucher. Only municipalities within the distribution area are authorised to issue vouchers. Please take care of the tablets you have received and do not lose them.