This section provides information about the distribution, storage and effect of iodine tablets and about what you should do if a serious incident involving a nuclear power plant occurs.

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In general

An incident is an accident at a nuclear power plant which results in radioactive substances, including radioactive iodine, being released into the environment. The main objective of so-called emergency preparedness in this context is to prevent radiation-related diseases in the affected population.

The authorities and the operators of nuclear power plants work closely together to ensure that action can be taken rapidly should an incident occur.

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) works closely with the cantons and the federal offices to prepare measures designed to protect the population should increased levels of radioactivity occur. An emergency plan has been developed for incidents at nuclear power plants; this regulates the responsibilities and tasks of the federal government and the cantons with respect to both preparations and the incident itself. It also states how the population should be alerted and the protective measures that are necessary in the event of such an incident.

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