This section provides information about the distribution, storage and effect of iodine tablets and about what you should do if a serious incident involving a nuclear power plant occurs.

You can download a PDF document containing all the questions and answers.


Promptly taking iodine tablets to prevent thyroid cancer is an effective measure for children, adolescents, pregnant women and people under 45 if an incident occurs at a nuclear power plant. The risk of developing thyroid cancer decreases sharply with increasing age. This means that the possible side effects of iodine tablets become a greater issue.

The Federal Commission for Radiological Protection (CRP) now recommends placing an age limit of 45 years on the use of iodine tablets, as is the case in neighbouring countries. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not subject to this age limit and, should the need arise, should also take iodine tablets if they are over 45. Further information can be found in the CRP recommendation of 20 September 2022 (PDF, 495 kB, 05.12.2022) [Not available in English].

If an incident occurs, pregnant women should take iodine tablets to protect their unborn child. The dosage is shown in the package leaflet.